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Check out this AWESOME Prize List!
This Prize list is for the Grand Prize Drawing and General Prize Pool. This list will be upated regularly! Check back often!

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The full resolution flier is a .jpg file and is easy to print to 8.5" x 11" paper. Click the pic!

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A Special NASCAR memorabilia auction from many popular NASCAR drivers and personalities will take place on Sat., Sept. 17 at 4:00 pm, at the Fly For Tots event! Click the image above for a listing of items!

2011 Fly For Tots Prizes

This is a list of prizes that will be given away at the 2011 Fly For Tots. Anyone who donates by buying $5 raffle tickets will be placed in the prize drawings as our way of saying 'Thanks' for your donation! Check back often, as this list will be growing regularly.

Wow...what a GRAND PRIZE for 2011!!! (buy raffle tickets, HINT HINT!)

->The Grand Prize - WOW!!! Professionally built by Matt Balazs. This Ready To Fly 33% Hanger 9 Piper Pawnee supplied by Horizon Hobby is loaded with the best components available today. A brand new Desert Aircraft DA-100L straight from Desert Aircraft with mufflers supplied by JTec, Spektrum DX8 Radio System supplied by Team Guru Aviation and Spectrum A6020 servos supplied by Anderson RC. The complete Power System with chargers was supplied by Duralite, the best prop available was supplied by Vess Propellers, Jersey Modeler Fueling System, TruTurn Spinner custom cut for the Vess prop by TruTurn, Custom Machined Motor Mount supplied by Blazing Star Products, Servo Leads supplied by HobbyTown USA of Apex, Servo Arms supplied by Jackie Sacks, custom vinyl graphics supplied by B&E Graphix + more!!! Click the image for a larger view...

Follow the build thread on this awesome bird on Flying Giants by clicking HERE.

->Grand Prize Contributors - This is a list of companies that helps make the grand prize become a reality.

->Horizon Hobby = 33% Hanger 9 Piper Pawnee ARF for Grand Prize

->Desert Aircraft = DA 100 Engine for Grand Prize

->Team Guru Aviation = Spektrum DX8 Radio for Grand Prize

->JTech Radio Wave = Set of DA 100 Mufflers for Grand Prize

->Anderson RC = 8 Spectrum A6020 servos for Grand Prize

->KC Hobby = Donating extra items needed for Grand Prize

-> Jersey Modeler - Custom Fueling System for Grand Prize

->Red Aero R/C = Prizes & pilot figure for the Grand Prize

->Duralite = Onboard power box, batteries and chargers for Grand Prize

->Jackie Sacks = Servo arms for Grand Prize

->KC Hobby = F-27Q Stryker BNF & UM F-27Q Stryker 180 BNF. Also Batteries, Switches, and receivers.

-> B & E Graphics - Providing all graphics for Grand Prize

-> McFueler - Custom Fueling Port for Grand Prize

->Blazing Star Products = Custom Machined Motor Mount for Grand Prize

->Hobby Town USA Apex = All servo leads for the Grand Prize!

->Tru Turn - Spinner for Grand Prize Airplane

->More Prize Contributors! - This list of contributors have provided thousands fo $$ in additional prizes for the 2011 Fly For Tots!

->Horizon Hobby = Additional Prizes:
Eflite JN-4 Jenny ARF
Eflite SE5A ARF
Eflite Fokker D7 ARF
Hangar 9 Twin Otter ARF
Parkzone Ultra Micro Polecat BNF ARF
Parkzone Ultra Micro F4U Corsair RTF ARF
Hobbyzone Champ RTF ARF
Parkzone Ultra Micro F-27Q Stryker BNF ARF
Spektrum AR9010 DSMX Receiver Eflite Ultra Micro Beast BNF
Parkzone Night Vapor BNF

->Extreme Flight = 50cc 88" Yak-54 ARF! You can see it by clicking HERE

->Duralite = Prizes

->Hobbico = Proto CX Heli, Real Flight G5.5 Simulator, Sensei RTF trainer plane. 100% complete!!

->Foley Manufacturing = Rides in a Full Scale Stearman!

->Boomerang Jets = Bommerang Nanno Jet

->PAU = 27% Pitts Challenger

->Hayes Hobby House = E-Flite Super Cub, E-Flite 32 Out Runner Motor, & E-Flite 60 amp Speed Control Unit!

->KC Hobby = F-27Q Stryker BNF & UM F-27Q Stryker 180 BNF. Also Batteries, Switches, and receivers.

->Jet Central = Discount on Turbine for Nanno Jet package

->Jackie Sacks = $300 gift certificate for custom wing bags

->Anderson R/C = Prizes

->Aero-Works = A 60/90 Yak 54 ARF!

->Vess Aero Concepts = Various High Effiency Propellers!

->Atlanta Hobby = Feather Duster ARF and a gift certificate from!

->Hobby Town USA Apex = Park Zone BNF F4F Wild Cat!

->Syssa Aircraft Performance = 1 Ignition Battery Eliminator, 1 Ignition Mount, 1 RCExcel Optical Kill Switch, 2 Engine Starting Sticks, & 1 (Set) Smoke Fittings

->Hangar 18 Hobbies = Thunder Tiger Rare Bear EP Park Flyer ARF

->TechShop Durham = Donating $200 to FFT!

->Red Aero R/C = Prizes

->Higher Plane Productions = DVD Prizes!

->Tru Turn - Prizes

->2 Dog R/C = Prizes!

->OMP - Ohio Model Products = Prizes & Team Pilots

->Troy Built Models = Prizes

->Mercury Adhesives = A bunch of Epoxy, T-shirts and a Complete Mercury Caddy!

->RC Radio = T-Shirts & Promotion

->Chief Aircraft = 12 Yellow Bee ARFS for Kids Raffle!

->JTec/Radiowave = 35% Extra 300 ARF airplane, Gift Certificates for EVERY registered pilot or choice of $100 off ANY in stock Jtec Radio wave ARF, & Donating portion of all sales made at FFT !!!!!

->Smart Fly = Prizes!

->Eagle Tree Systems = Gift Certificates

->Helicopter Consulting Services and H & L enterprises of WNY LLC = A ride in a Helicopter!

->RC Foam = Prizes

RCF Super Pack - Includes:
(2) - 1mm White Sheets 15" x 40"
(2) - 2mm White Sheets 15" x 39"
(2) - 3mm White Sheets 13" x 39"
(2) - 6mm White Sheets 13" x 39"
(2) - 3mm Gray Sheets 15" x 39"
(2) - 6mm Gray Sheets 15" x 39"
(2) - 9mm White Sheets 13" x 39"

->50-50 Raffle - The 50-50 Raffle is always a big hit! Everyone present buys tickets for this raffle and the winner splits the proceeds from the 50-50 with the Victory Junction Gang. 50-50 Raffle tickets are $1.00 each and can ONLY purchased on-site at the Fly For Tots event.

VISIT: Victory Junction Gang Camp
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