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East R/C's .60 size LUCKY 13

Designed by ERC's Chris Hockaday to be a great all-around Sport Machine!

Lucky 13 A.R.F.

Team ERC's Jacqui Lewis and her Lucky 13 with the Clear Canopy option!

Big contrast from top to bottom! Great visibility!

An O.S. .61 FX Glow Powered LUCKY 13!

A Hang-It R/C X4120/06 Powered Lucky 13!

Jacqui's L13 with the Clear Canopy option!

A customers "All White" Lucky 13 with custom Graphics!

Another customers "All White" Lucky 13 with custom trim.

Another customers "All White" Lucky 13 with custom trim.

Yet another loyal customers "All White" Lucky 13 with custom trim, top view

and bottom view.

All of the hard work is done for you!

Secure your flight batteries if you are flying electric or retain easy access to your radio components and fuel tank for glow setups!

Lucky 13 Parts Layout "Top View"

Lucky 13 Parts Layout "Bottom View"

LUCKY 13 - In Stock NOW! ERC's Lucky 13 was designed and tested over a 5 year span to be one of the best flying sport models available today! It keeps going where other sport models drop off. Not only does it handle like a trainer, but it can really perform. Knife edge, spins, hammerheads, stall turns, loops, flat turns, flat spins, wild knife edge spins, inverted flight, snaps, lomcevaks and more are all part of the Lucky 13's vocabulary. A .61 is perfect for unlimited vertical on this very capable model. The large wing area and light wing loading make this airplane a breeze to land.

It's 64" span, 2-piece wing make transporting the Lucky 13 a snap and will fit in almost any compact car. DuBro control horns, metal clevises, 1 piece aluminum landing gear, fiberglass wheel pants and cowling and "Pull-Pull" Rudder gear are all included features that set the Lucky 13 apart from the rest. Huge hatch for tank or flight battery installation! Comes with everything you need for a glow setup and is designed from the ground up to be electrified with ease. The hatch is held on by pind sin the front and the strongest magnets we could find in the mid and rear section of the hatch. This hatch WILL NOT come off during flight. As a matter of fact, be careful putting the hatch back on....these magnets are REALLLLY strong!

Dealers Invited

Several Combo Options Available below!

- Wingspan: 64 in (1132 mm)
- Length: 52 in (1118 mm)
- Wing Area: 768 sq. in
- Flying weight: 5-6 lbs
- Engine Required: .45-.60 2c, .52-90 4c (not included)
- Radio required: 4 Channels, 5 std servos (see our RADIOS section for servos)

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ERC LUCKY 13 PDF Instruction Manual

More pics ->  (2-Piece Wing)  (Removable Hatch/Canopy)  (Hatch Removed)  (E-Lucky)  (E-Lucky)  (E-Lucky)  (White Lucky 13)  (Lucky 13)

-> NEW!!! Clear Canopy for Lucky 13 - IN STOCK! $7.50  
  • BUY Clear Canopy

  • -> East R/C Lucky 13 .60 size ARF "Slime Green"- IN STOCK! $209.99   + free shipping!
  • BUY ERC Lucky 13 "Slime Green" Scheme

  • -> East R/C Lucky 13 .60 size ARF "All White"- IN STOCK! $209.99   + free shipping!
  • BUY ERC Lucky 13 "All White" Scheme

  • Meagan and the Lucky 13!

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