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Supporters/Sponsors and Info from the 2006 RDRC Fly-For-Tots

This page contains text, photos and video. Scroll down for all 2006 FFT content.

WOW... our 2-day event was a HUGE sucess. Well, it actually ran for about 4 days, with campers and flyers coming in early, but that's another story :-). We had 134 registered pilots, and raised about $10,000 for Smiles for Little Faces (a Make-A-Wish sanctioned organization)!!! Our event was very sucessful as a result of our industry sponsors, Team Flyers, local area business support, and the unbelievable turnout of pilots and visitors.

Click on the link to read our "Thank You!" to the FFT 2006 Sponsors: FFT 2006 Sponsor Thank You!

Click on the link to see the Model Aviation article on the 2006 FFT: AMA Magazine FFT 2006 Write up!

Listed below are the Product/Prize sponsors and Demo pilots who performed for the masses. Please take time to visit their sites and give them your business, as they are supporters of our fine hobby and strong contributors to the RDRC Fly For Tot's Fly-in for Big Smiles For Little Faces. These companies GRACIOUSLY contributed prizes, supplies, services, advertising, and more to help make this the largest event in NC. Without them, we wouldn't have been able to host an event of the magnitude it was! We'll post the list of prizes from our contributors here, shortly. Here are the businesses and supporters who made it all possible:

-> Aerotech - Prizes
-> Carden Aircraft - Prizes
-> Desert Aircraft - Prizes
-> Duralite - Prizes and Product Showcase
-> Extreme Flight R/C - Prizes
-> Flying Giants - Banner ads and spolight on the event
-> Foley Mfg. and Hobbies - Prizes & Demos
-> Futaba - Prizes, Demos, Product Showcases, and Sponsored Pilots
-> Great Planes - Prizes, Demos, Product Showcases, and Sponsored Pilots
-> Helicopter Consulting Services - Helicopter Ride donated as prize
-> Hobby-Lobby - Prizes, Demos, Product Showcases, and Sponsored Pilots
-> Hobby Masters - Prizes
-> Horizon Hobby - Prizes, Demos, Product Showcases, and Sponsored Pilots
-> John Deere - Prizes
-> JR - Prizes, Demos, Product Showcases, and Sponsored Pilots
-> JTEC/Radiowave - Prizes
-> K/C Hobby - Prizes
-> Long Beverage  - Beverages for the event!
-> Model Airplane News - Prizes
-> NC Rotor & Wing - support and showcase
-> Quique's Aircraft Co. - Prizes
-> Radio Active Airshows - Bringing their 48' FS-1 Flight Simulator trailer!
-> RB3 Graphics - Prizes and Custom Signs for the event!
-> Right On Signs - Pilot Support
-> Scootworks - Prizes
-> Vess Aero - Prizes, Demos, and Product Showcases

Here's a list of the AWESOME prizes our contributors provided:

        {{{{{{{{{{{{ $5 Ticket - GRANDPRIZES }}}}}}}}}}}}
-> Hanger 9 Extra 260 50cc size - KC Hobby; Archdale, NC
-> DA 50 50cc engine - Desert Aircraft Inc
-> Slim Line Pitts Muffler w/smoke option - Scootworks; Zebulon, NC
-> TRU-Turn 2 1/4" Standard spinner - Hobby Masters; Raleigh, NC
-> 2 Vess Props to match combo - Vess Aero; Raleigh, NC
-> ALL BATTERIES for ignition/rec including Regulators, chargers, and testers etc - Duralite Batteries

-> 50cc size PYTHON bipe

**Horizon Hobby**
-> Hanger 9 Alpha Trainer RTF complete with JR radio, and engine
-> Blade CP electric Heli
-> Hell Cat ARF warbird with retracts (newest release )

**Quique's Aircraft Co.**
-> 73" Yak 54 (for 20-26cc, 1.20 or larger)

        {{{{{{{{{{{{ $1 Ticket - Raffle Prizes }}}}}}}}}}}}
-> Prop Bags

**Extreme Flight**
-> Extra 300

**Helicopter Consulting Services**
-> Helicopter Ride

-> Nexstar Trainer RTF with Futaba radio and OS engine
-> Not one, but TWO G-3 Simulators!

-> EV-97 (low wing, built-up)
-> 6 ea. - Yak 55, foamie
-> 2 ea. - Pitts S2, foamie

**Hobby Masters**
-> ARTF 3-D Fun Fly "Razzle"
-> QQ YAK 54F Foamie
-> E-Flite TRIBUTE 3D

**John Deere**
-> John Deere Hats

-> 5 individual $100 Gift Certificates!

**Model Airplane News**
-> MAN Hats
-> MAN Subscriptions

**Piedmont Plumbing, Raleigh NC**
-> Great Planes Electric Cub kit

-> RDRC swag
-> Case of Amsoil

Special Thanks go out to the various team and professional demonstration pilots who were performers and HUGE supporters of this event, by travelling great distances to supply their unique show-stopping demonstration flights. The pilots' list is:

-> Team Futaba's Jerry Smith (designer of the famous 'Outlaw')
-> Team Futaba's Elton Fairless (with his famous Extra 300)
-> Team Futaba's US Helicopter team Wayne Mann (competing in the world FAI helicopter championships, and performing FAI-style heli demos)
-> Team JR's Jeff Holsinger (w/his awesome Turbine powered Jets and Heli)
-> Team JR's Jeff Foley (of Top Gun scale fame!)
-> Hobby Lobby's Chris Hockaday (Electric Demos of Cap 231 and 94" Taxi 2400!)
-> The 95th Squadron's David Hayes (Scalemasters and Top Gun winning Thrush)
-> Robert Vess of Vess Aero
-> Jeff Foley of Foley Mfg. and Hobbies

The following are a few online discussions about this event. Take a moment to pop into the following forums and look at the event results. The specific discussion links are:
-> Flying Giants
-> NEW Flying Giants thread...
-> Radio Control Zone
-> RC Groups
-> RC Hangout
-> RC Universe
-> Shay-RC

There were hundreds and hundreds of pictures (and video!) taken of this event. Want to have a look?? The photo and video links are:
-> FFT 2006 Photo Slideshow
-> Photo Gallery on
-> Godzilla Video by Higher Plane Productions
-> Video at Higher Plane Productions

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