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East R/C Catalog Site Map - General/Miscellaneous

Main East R/C Webpage - The front door to the website with lots of info on Airplanes, Heli, Boats, Cars, and accessories
Technical Support - Manuals, Instructions, Cut Sheets, etc.
Contacting East RC - How to reach East R/C, our Fax line, Email contacts, etc.
Customer and Product Photographs - East R/C Customers and their projects
East R-C Physical Store Information - Pics and info about our retail store in Zebulon, NC.
Demo and Field Tested Equipment - Scratch and Dent specials, closeouts, demos, returns, etc. Bargains!
R&D Department - New products in development at East R/C
Bulletins from ERC - Updates on the hottest items and new goodies at East R/C!
The Evolution of EAST RC - A little history about East R/C
Media/Press - East R/C Magazine ads, video clips, etc.
Used Equipment Sales - Used R/C Equipment for sale at East R/C, and great deals on our demo gear!
East R/C Blog - The most current info and bulletins from East R/C
East R/C Contest - Win free gear from East R/C!
East R/C on MySpace - Visit our online community at MySpace.com
Refund and Warranty Guidelines - The East R/C Warranty and Refund Policy
Our Privacy Policies - Your personal information and data is secure at East R/C
Order by Mail or FAX - How to order via Fax or Mail Order via East R/C
How we ship products - Shipping methods and approximate shipping times from East R/C
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East R/C Catalog Site Map - Catalog Pages

Our Twitter Feeds
Customer Testimonials
Our Various Gimbal Accessories
East RC FattyStix Fat Gimbal Stick Tips
East RC CYO Stick Tip Adapters
East RC Dealer Listings
R/C Airplanes - R/C Airplane Kits and ARF models at East R/C
Trainer Type Airplanes - Beginner and Trainer Aircraft
Sport-Type Airplanes - Sport Aircraft for relaxed flying
Military Airplanes - Models of military airplanes
IMAA, 1/4 Scale, and Larger - IMAA and Large Scale airplanes
Sea Fairing Airplanes - Airplanes for flying off of water!
Gliders, Electic & non-powered - Sailplanes, powered and non-powered.
Light weight Foam Aircraft - Fun Foamie birds!
High Alpha Airplanes - Airplanes capable of high-alpha flight.
Fun-Fly Airplanes - Airplanes capable of fun-fly competition.
Airplanes to test your coordination at high speed
Models of real aircraft - Models of actual flying aircraft.
East R-C Heli-Page - Helicopters from beginner to advanced levels.
Radio Control Surface Vehicles - R/C Cars, Trucks, Buggys, and more
Radio Control Marine Craft - R/C Boats from sail to power boats, racing, etc.
Building & Maintenance Equipment - Tools for the shop of the R/C Hobbiest
Airplane Propellers - Props from VessAero and ERC E-Flite!
Misc Building Materials & Accessories - Balsa, Plywood, adhesives, and more.
Built-up Park Hybrid - R/C Electric Training Airplane
Small IMAC/Pattern - A Sport and small-pattern airplane.
Built-up Park 3D - An electric 3-D Powerhouse!
Super-Curtis - A 105" spane Curtis Jenny bipe
Mini-Curtis - A small electric Jenny JN-4D
Park SuperCub - A small electric Cub Parkflyer
Neptune-60 - A .46-size Seaplane
PS63 Sailplane - A 63" Sailplane
GS78 Sailplane - A 78.5" Sailplane
SuperCub - A 1/6 scale Cub
R.A.F. Fighter - A model of the famous RAF Military Fighter
IMAA Legal 3-D - Scale Model of Indy Japan Winner
Scale model of HK-36 - An EP ARF of the famous HK36
GBY Air-Race Bird - An EP ARF of a GeeBee-Y Racer
WW1 Bi-plane - An EP ARF WWI Nieuport Warbird
R/C Outrunners - Brushed motors, speed can motors, brushless outrunners.
Programmable Outrunner Control - Electronic Speed Controllers for Brushed and brushless motors.
Connectors - Gold plated connectors for Electronic Speed Controllers, Brushed and brushless motors.
Gas R/C Motors - ERC-S.P.E. Gas Engines for R/C Airplanes
Glow Fuel - R/C Fuel for Glow Engines
Analog & Digital Proportional Servos - Servos for R/C Aircraft, Helicopters, Cars, etc
Servo Leads - Servo Leads and Switches
Lithium Polymer - Nicad, NiMH, & Lipo batteries
TX Case - Radio Cases for your R/C Gear
Field Recharging - Chargers for all sorts of RC Batteries
Pipe Plugs and more - Glow Plugs, Exhaust Systems, Engine Cleaner, etc
EP Belt CP Helicopter - Belt CP Electric Helicopter Kit
EP Mini-Heli - Lama V3 E-Heli Kit
MC-1, Amsoil - 2-Cycle Oils for Gas Airplane Fuel Mixing
Cleaners & Polishes - Cleaners & Polishes for your R/C Craft and Trailers
Perfect-Trainer - A TOUGH 62" span Glow-trainer
New Mini-Trainer - A 52" electric high-wing
East R/C Stick 65 - A 65" Span Stick-type airplane
Sport/3-d - A killer 3-D Airplane for small change!
Mustang Fighter - A 70" Span P51D Scale ARF
Jets - Fast airplanes, jets, prop-jets, etc
Twin-Boom .61 - A 65" long twin-tail speed bird
Rutan #54 - A scale model of the famous Q-1
Sport/Aerobatic - A pattern & IMAC capable aircraft
Aerobatic-Bipe - A small size aerobatic bi-plane
Art Scholl Aerobat - A popular aerobatic aircraft
Rutan Canard - A model of Rutan's #61 homebuilt
.50-Size Yak54 - A compact 3-D Yak
30% Yak54 - A BIG 50cc 3-D Yak
100cc Extra - Our BIG 100cc 3-D Extra
Dolittle's Sportster - Our .25-powered Gee Bee Super Sportster
EP Yak-54 - A 3-D Profile Yak
260EP - An Electric 3-D Extra 260
330EP - An Electric 3-D 330L-Extra
Pitts Special - An Electric 31" Pitts Biplane
P38EP - An Electric twin boom warbird
Fuel Cells - Model Airplane Fuel Tanks
Steerable Wheels - Steerable tail wheel assemblies
Motor Mounts - Engine Mounts for Glow engines
Electric Full Fuse Yak54 - An EP version of the Yak-54
Field-Box Pre-built - ERC's Ready-to-load Flightbox
Machine Screws - Panhead Machine Screws
Metal Nuts - Stainless Steel Machine Nuts
Nylon Nuts - Machine Nuts of Nylon
Nylon Screws - Nylon6/6Machine Screws
Blind Nuts - T-Nuts, Blindnuts, and Prong Nuts
Socket Head Screws - Allen Head machine screws
Washers - Bonded Washers, Nylon, & Metal Flat Washers
Airplane Storage - Store your birds safely with the neat systems
Nylon Spacers - Spacers for outrunners, engine mounts, etc.
Set Screws - Grub Screws for wheel collars, steering arms, etc
Servo Holddowns - Servo Mounting Screws
Prop Spinners - Spinners in Aluminum and Plastic
Starters, Power Panels and more - All sorts of field support accessories and tools.
P51D Warbird EP - A built-up park flyer of the P51.
LiPo Regulators & BECs - Voltage Regulators for R/C use with LiPo batteries.
Linkages and Pushrods - Various pushrod & cables, horns, etc
Covering - Trim SHeets, Covering, and Trim Tapes
Balsa Stock - Balsa Stock, Balsa Sheeting, and other Balsa components
Basswood Stock - Basswood Stock, Basswood Sheeting, and other Basswood components
Hardwood Dowels - Round Stock, Hard wood dowels, etc.
25% Yak-54, 26cc - ERC's newest Yak Addition, an IMAA legal 26cc Yak54
Ultimate Bipe-380 - An Electric 30" span Ultimate Biplane
WingDragon RTF - A Ready-To-Fly Electric Trainer
P-38 Profile - A Warbird foamie of the P-38
Yak54 Profile - A 3-D foamie of the Yak54
Carbon Fiber Stock - CF Strips, Tubes, and Rods
Adhesives - CA, Epoxy, Alphatic Resin, etc
Hinges - Hinge Tape, Hinge points, Pinned Hinges, etc
Lynxjet - Electric Powered Jet
Senior Telemaster - An IMAA Legal Giant Scale Hi-wing
Falcon 3-D - An Electric RTR 3-D Heli
R/C Submarine - An Electric RTR U-16 Submarine
.60-size P51 Mustang - A great .60 powered warbird
.40-size RAF Spitfire - A Multi-power Airplane Kit
EP-Spitfire - An electric powered Spitfire park flyer
Cessna 337 ARF - A unique model of the Super Skymaster '0-2'
P-47D ARF - A killer ARF of the P-47D Razorback
Lingcat-380 - An electric pusher propjet
Lancair 1.20 ARF - An ARF version of the Lancair IV-P
Lancair .40 ARF - A Smaller ARF version of the Lancair IV-P above
Micro-Telemaster - A Smaller kit of the famous Telemaster
Cularis - A MONSTER 102" Span Sailplane Kit
Lightning Dart - A 70" Span Klingberg Wing
35% Extra 330L - A 100cc version of the Extra 330L
35% Yak54 - A 100cc Yak-54 3D Airplane
Fury EP - A 3D EP ARF
Mini-Leader - An electric powered mini-pattern/IMAC airplane
ASW28 Sailplane - A 100" span semi-aerobatic sailplane
Cessna 337 EP - An electric powered version of this popular push-pull aircraft!
30% Extra 330L - A 50cc version of the 330L Extra
Zero EP - An EP version of the Japanese Zero
Talon Sailplane - A 50" Compact Sailplane
Skeeter Glider - A 50.5" Hand launch glider
GWS Slowstick - One of the slowest park flyers around!
Mini UltraStick - A miniature version of the famous Ultra Stick
Mini-Telemaster - A top quality ARF in the Telemaster family
Easy Glider ARF - A 71" span Elapor Glider
1931 Gee Bee - A IMAA Giant Scale version of the Gee Bee Model "Y"
Sebart Sukhoi 29 S30E - A 51" span aerobatic ARF
Easy Star RTF - An e-powered trainer
KawanaS ARF - An awesome ARF of the Katana "S"
Typhoon PNP - The new Typhoon II in PNP form!
F/A-18 EP - A fast electric jet in Blue Angels colors
F-22 Parkjet - A parkjet foamie of the F-22
Mig-29 Parkjet - A parkjet foamie of the MIG-29
Glow ENgines - Engines by O.S., Saito, Super Tigre, etc
R/C Radio Systems - Futaba, JR, HiTec, and Rich radio systems
R/C Receivers - Receivers and Flight Packs
Helicopter Gyros - Headlock and other gyros
Wright Flyer - An EP version of the 1903 Wright Bros Aircraft
EP-Skyhawk - An electric A-4 Jet
EDF Motors - Ducted Fan Jet Electric Motors
ERC Gift Certificates - The EASY way to buy a gift from East RC!
Dragonus Heli Kit - A Kit of an awesome 400-size Helicopter
Micro Helicopter - The Venom Micro Heli RTF
XPD-8 and Miglet - Electric Ducted Fan Jets
SU-27 Flanker - A Ducted Fan Russian military jet
Multiplex Funjet - Electric propjet pusher
Decathlon RTF - An Inexpensive RTF Kit
Airplane Skis - Snow & Water Skis
Flying Styro Warthog - An AWESOME A-10 Kit
AstroHog Kit - A Famous SIG Balsa Kit
Tango 3-D - A Hangar 9 .40-size 3-D Bird
VessAero Prop Clock - A cool gift idea for the Vess Pilot!
East RC in Tn - East R/C Visits Hangit & Hobby-Lobby
Misc Goodies... - Items that don't fit any other category...
Miss Stik - A Tom Hunt Trainer Kit
Elipstik 260 - A Tom Hunt Delta Wing Kit
Extra 260 Foamie - E-Flite Foamie by George Hicks
Matt Chapman Cap 580 Foamie - Title says it all!
R/C Universe Bipe Foamie - Pre-printed Bipe w/RC Universe scheme
Riot 3D - A balsa 3-D park flyer
R/C Wheels - Wheels for Aircraft
Triangle Stock - Balsa tri-stock
Extreme 540 - Glow powered 3-D Profile
Foamie Zero - Japanese Zero 3-D Foam Airplane
RC Pilots - Pilot busts for your aircraft!
RC Decals - Decals of all sorts!
Night Flying - Night Flying Accessories
Sig Kadet Senior - The perfect trainer and more!
ParkZone Cub - An Easy-to-fly RTF Cub
Servo GearSets - Replacement Gears for Servos
'Glass Yak - ERC .50-size Fiberglass Yak-54
AeroFly Pro - Deluxe Complete System
AeroFly Pro-TX - Uses your Transmitter
Add-On Volume 1 - for AeroFly Pro
AFPD "StarFlight" - Add-On Volume 2
AFPD "True Scale" - Add-On Volume 3
AFPD "Team International Edition 1" - Add-On Volume 4
ARF B25J - Hangar 9 B25J ARF kit
Millinium PTU - Micro Helicopter
Micro Citabria - Hangar 9 Micro-size park/indoor RTF airplane
Giant Cessna 150 - AWESOME giant scale 150 ARF!
50CC Edge 540 - Our 500 Edge 540-T ARF
SU-26 Arf - A killer Sukoi SU-26 ARF
Blace CX-2 - Our Blade CX2 RTF w/2.4 ghz spread spectrum radio!
Co-Comanche - Our 4ch Contra-Rotating Comanche Heli by E-Sky
Glider Accessories - Tow hooks and releases, etc for sailplanes
Brass Tubing - Brass tubing of many sizes
Team East R/C - East R/C Sponsored Pilots
Outlaw - An UNREAL Flying Wing ARF!
DSM Giveaway - Get Extra 2.4 ghz receivers for free!
Quickie 380 - An Electric version of the Rutan Q1
Pipe mods for the Outlaw - Build a custom pipe for your Outlaw!
EF-16 - An Electric Powered F-16
The Spoiler - An ERC Exclusive, the Jerry L. Smith "Spoiler"
ERC Lucky-13 - An ERC Exclusive, the Chris Hockaday "Lucky 13"
Extreme ChinnYak - A Profile Yak by Jeremy Chinn/Extreme Flight
CardenYak - A new Hanger 9/Carden Product!
Higher Plane Productions - ERC's In-House Stock of HPP Videos!
The SLEDG - ERC's Exclusive Monster Foamy!
Dualsky Extra - 2Dog's Cool Extra EP
Flinger - Awesome bird, check it out!
Bird of Time - A Classic Kit
Dominator 1500 - Giant Scale Quickie!
Eastbourne -
Nemesis - FAST!
Easyfly 3
Flight Sims - Flight Simulators
GeeBee R3 - R3 Racer
Losi Slider -
Evader -
Cap 232 BP -
ERC Folding Propeller Yokes - Folding Prop Hubs for BIG electrics
ERC GeeBee Senior Sportster Landing Gear Struts - An ERC Upgrade for the Hobby Lobby GeeBee
ERC Custom Aluminum Wheel Sets - Custom Wheels from ERC
ERC Utopi-Air Aircraft Line - A new Classic Aircraft Lineup from East R/C
ERC Prop Nuts & Thread Size Guide - Need a prop nut? Don't know what size? Click Here
ERC Iron Cross Glow Plug Caddy - Holds up to 9 glow plugs!
ERC Upgrade trim Tabs for Spektrum DX6i, JR x9303 and xp9303
ERC Upgrade roller menu button scroll wheel for Spektrum DX6i, Spektrum DX3s, SPektrum DX3r & JR 9303
ERC FoamWare foamy hardware kit for scratch builders!
ERC MotorWare electric motor mounting hardware kit!
ERC 50cc Prop Drill Jig
ERC Multi Propeller Drill Jig
ERC Kwik-Kat v2 - A 22" lightning fast Park Jet!
Hangar 9 Saratoga 40 ARF - A smooth as silk Aerobatic Sport Model
Hangar 9 Toledo Special 40 ARF - Golden Age Design with Classic lines and great performance!
Parkzone Vapor - Micro Indoor Flying at it's best!
E-Flite Apprentice 15e RTF - One of the best beginner packages ever!
Aero-Naut Aero-Master ARC - Almost-Ready-To-Cover Pusher Prop Sail Plane
Sig Riser 100 Kit - Classic 100" Sailplane kit
Awesome airplane!
East R/C's CNC Operations - See our projects take shape here!

Parkzone T-28 and Corsiar Aluminum Motor Mount - Upgrade part for PKZ4428

2.3mm,3mm, 3.2mm & 4mm Prop Saver - Similar to the PJS or Potensky line of prop savers!

Aluminum & PolyCarbonite Carb Insulator Upgrades for Zenoah Engines - Never break another carb spacer again!

Heavy Duty Radial Motor Mount for AXi, E-Flite, Turnigy, Hacker, etc.. - Get that outrunner motor mounted proper!

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RDRC- Our local R/C Club, and one of NC's Premier R/C Clubs!
Motorcycle Accessories & Custom Bikes- The Website of our parent company, Scootworks!
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