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Chris Hockaday's "Lucky-13"

NOW SHIPPING! Designed by Chris Hockaday of East R/C, this smooth flying sport airplane is sure to be a hit in ARF form. This bird can be powered with a .55-.91 2c or .52-.90 4c. With it's 64" span flat-bottom airfoil and light wing loading, mild dihedral, generous control surfaces, and large side area, she is stable and predictable, yet very aerobatic. Coming soon in two different color schemes, and designed to accomodate electric power systems with ease! Features a complete hardware package, 2-piece wing, 64" wingspan, 52" long, 768sq. in. of wing area.

More photos -->  (photo 1)  (photo 2)  (photo 3)  (photo 4)  (photo 5)  (photo 6)  (photo 7)

Click HERE for more info and to purchase!

Shortest Straw III

This is a plane that went through many real-world updates and refinements though the late 80's and early 90's. It won many fun-fly events, and was one of the forerunners in 3-D (before 3-D had a name!). Watch this area for more developments on this product.

Jerry's "Spoiler"

Designed by 9 Time National Fun-Fly champion Jerry L. Smith, this awesome bird can do most all 3-D maneuvers and is a stable and fun sport flyer as well! This is the newest in the line of aircraft from Jerry, and is the hi-performance replacement for the "Jerry's Big Boy". This will be offered as an ARF, and is IMAA legal! You can check it out in our ERC Spoiler section by clicking HERE.

Cloud Dancer's "Flying Machine"

Designed by Don Muddiman of the famous 'Cloud Dancers Show Team', this speed aircraft is famous for it's crazy airshows all over the U.S.. Light wing loading, high power to weight ratio, and brute-force construction allows this airplane to snap to a stop from over 100mph, hang on the prop, and fly away. One of the famous moves by this bird was to dive straight down, out of the sky at a CRAZY speed, snatch out of the dive at only inches from the ground, and fly away with no damage. This isn't a 3-D airplane, but is one of the wildest .45 size performers on the planet. Check the "Speed" forum on RCU, and ask if anyone has ever seen a Flying Machine in action...it ALWAYS starts a long thread by the many fans of this wild airplane! Condor Models will be ARF'ing this airplane in the original color scheme seen here, plus one additional scheme.

Check out the specs and more pics on the Don Muddiman Flying Machine page!

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