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About East R/C & a Little History...

A little info about us... East R/C is a small company, comprised of a family of R/C Enthusiasts. Some of us have been flying and building model aircraft since the late 60's. We have designed and flown many R/C models over the years. We owned Hobby Radio, a R/C Electronics Service Center in Wilson NC, until it's sale in 1988. One of our original founders formerly worked at Hobby-Lobby and was co-owner of Hang-It R/C. We even served as Vess Propellers main distributing center for quite a while. We are closely coupled with our parent company, Scootworks Inc., and our close physical relationship allows us to utilize the best internet shipping, receiving, purchasing, and warehousing operations in the business.

We originally started this company in 2006 and were importing unique aircraft from a number of manufacturers abroad. We opened our doors to the general public in late 2007 for walk-in traffic, and had a full blown local hobby shop. But due to the struggling economy, in late 2010 we decided to sell the hobby shop, and go back to focusing solely on our own products and internet sales.

In early 2012, we renovated another location nearby and moved, with our parent company, into our new facility at 112 N. Church St...about 1 block away from the old location. This combined our operations that were scattered amongst 5 buildings into one facility and allowed for much more efficient operations. As of this writing we manufacture 51 unique metal products and 3 aircraft. Two more aircraft are in the works, as are numerous products for us and others currently in manufacture for 3rd party vendors. Additionally, we stock thousands of pieces of various fasteners, hardware, and other items you will find on our website.

We are constantly designing, manufacturing, and adding new East R/C brand products to our inventory. We plan to use our machine shop to develop and improve the availability of unique accessories for the R/C Industry. If you are in the R/C industry and need a good contract CNC manufacturing shop for your production, don't hesitate to contact us for a job quote. We have secrecy agreements for this task, and will hold your products in the highest of confidence.

We are a full-time business with personnel for sales/shipping, business development, catalog/website maintenance, product R&D, and support.

We provide all of the tech support for our products at East R/C.

We take pride in our customer support, and customer satisfaction is our #1 priority! Because of this, we strive to keep all of our parts in stock and ready to ship as much as possible...but never, and I repeat NEVER charge customers until the order is shipping out the door. We give customers our all, and help them work through any and every question until they're satisfied.

From those of us at East R/C, we thank you for your interest in us and our products, as we continue to build a long-term relationship with the R/C community from business and machine shop in Zebulon NC !

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East R/C, Inc. - 112-C n. Church St. - Zebulon, N.C. 27597
- Fax (919) 269-0977

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