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East R/C's SLEDG Foamy Kit

Designed by ERC's Chris Hockaday. A 48" Mammoth Modified Edge 540 Foamy!

The "SLEDG".

Knife Sledg!

This is a BIG foamy!

A Hang-It R/C X2217/08 and X20 Amp ESC, APC 11x4.7 Slow Flyer Prop and a 1500mah 3s PolyQuest LiPo is SICK POWER for the Sledg!

The SLEDG locks into a hover and torques with the best of em'!

Knife Sledg'n up close!

It drives like a small foamy, but floats so much better!

Drivin' a harrier with the Sledg!

The power plant we recommend makes the Sledg a rocket ship!

SLEDG - An EAST R/C Exclusive! ATTENTION! Now available in a short kit, as well! The Short Kit only includes the CNC Cut Foam Parts and a firewall. ERC's SLEDG is one of the best flying foamys you can get your hands on! It's 48" wingspan and light weight construction give it an astronomically low wing loading. IT FLOATS. Super slow-Mo 3D, or ballistic...it can handle both ends of the spectrum with ease. Lots of carbon fiber throughout and loaded with the best brand-name hardware. We also include a full roll of 3M Blenderm for hinging the control surfaces (the BEST material for foamy hinges available). This model includes ALL the hardware you need. We didn't skimp in this area and there is no need for additional parts. Build it with the included components, drop in your power plant and radio gear, then rock on with it.

Landing gear components are also included. The Sledg is comprised of 6mm Depron CNC cut parts, Light Ply firewall, carbon fiber strips for the leading edge & trailing edges, carbon fiber wing spar, carbon fiber elevator and rudder pushrod tubes with wire ends, aileron linkages, tail skid, landing gear wire, light weight wheels, wheel collars, light ply landing gear plates and dowel peg retainers, square carbon fiber landing gear blocks, razor control horns, "L" bend keepers, quick connectors for linkages, velcro for electronic components mounting, 3M Blenderm for surface hinging and instruction manual!

We recommend using good servos for this airplane. HS-55 could be used, as we have, but you have to watch your speed and how hard you fly it. We have been flying the Sledg with Hitec HS-65mg's & HS-82mg's with excellent results!

Watch The Video! Right Click and save.Sledg Video

Another Video filmed on 08/17/08 at RDRC, flown by Matt Richards

Pick yourself up a Sledg and fly one of the largest and best flying Foamy's available today! Exclusively from East R/C!

ERC SLEDG PDF Instruction Manual

Dealers Invited

Several Combo Options Available below!

- Wingspan: 48 in (1132 mm)
- Engine Required: Hang-It R/C X2217/08 and X20 Amp ESC for great 3D Performance (not included) on 3s 1500mah-1800mah, 11x4.7 SF Prop
- Radio required: 4 Channels, 4 Mini Servos Recommended i.e. HS-65mg's up to HS-82MG's (see our RADIOS section for servos)

-> East R/C SLEDG kit - IN STOCK! $109.99   now $88.99!
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  • -> NEW! SLEDG Short Kit - IN STOCK! $49.99   now $37.99!
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