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NEW!!! - ERC's Upgraded Aluminum Trim Tabs for DX6i and x9303 - Available exclusively from East R/C. Inadvertantly break your trim tab? This upgrade will fix you up! See it, with more specs & pics in our ERC Upgraded Trim Tabs section by clicking HERE.

NEW!!! - ERC's Upgraded Menu Button for DX6i and x9303 - Available exclusively from East R/C. Inadvertantly break your menu button? This upgrade will fix you up! See it, with more specs & pics in our ERC Upgraded Menu Button section by clicking HERE.

Spektrum DX-7 7 Channel 2.4ghz Airplane System - The DX-7 System has become the most popular radio on the market today and is packed full of the best features you could ask for in a radio. This sytem includes the AR7000 full range receiver, 4 DS821 servos, 1500mah NiMH transmitter battery, 1100mah NiMH receiver battery, swich harness, servo mounting hardware and a charger for the transmitter and receiver batteries. Fly anything from micro electric helicopters and airplanes to giant scale IMAC airplanes without regard to frequencies and free from fear of interference. The big difference with DSM2 technology is that it not only flies any size model with absolute precision and complete freedom from interference, but it also processes its signal faster than any high-end 72 MHz PCM system. Includes 20-model memory, airplane and helicopter software, switch assignment, P-mixes, 3-axis dual rate & expo, 3-position flap (airplanes), 5-point throttle curve (helicopters), 3 flight modes plus hold (helicopters), CCPM, 2-servo 90 degree, 3-servo 90 degree, and 3-servo 120 degree. Configured to default to airplane model type. Includes a rechargeable 1500 mAh NiMH battery for the transmitter.

-> DX7 7 System -  OUT OF STOCK  $349.99
!!Free Shipping in the continental US!!

Spektrum DX6i 6 Channel 2.4ghz Airplane System - The Spektrum DX6i is perfect for those who really have no use for 7+ channels, and for those who want to start using 2.4Ghz but don't want to break their wallet. It's perfect for helicopters. It was originally released as part of the Blade 400 RTF kit, so it has no ratchet on the throttle stick, although you can go in and adjust that if you want. It definitely has a new and unique look to it. Even though it's very affordable, don't let that fool you. It has just as much programming functions as the DX-7, like dual rates, expo, 10 model memory...the whole nine yards. Although, one thing the DX6i has that the DX7 doesn't is a throttle cut button. The programming is actually really easy. It is all done with the roller selector, similar to the JR 9303. Unlike the original DX-6, the DX6i is full range. It comes with one of the AR6200 6 Channel full range receivers, and a wall charger for the included 1500mAh rechargeable AAs.

-> DX6i -  OUT OF STOCK  $199.99
!!Free Shipping in the continental US!!

JR 9303 2.4 GHZ 9 Channel Tx and Rx - The JR 9ch 9303 2.4 is the new hot thing right now. After holding it in your hands and using it, you will without a doubt, "Feel The Difference"! It is definitely the worlds choice on 9 Channel transmitters right now. If you have already owned or used the old 72mHz 9303, then you know the programming is unbeleivable! After taking in input from some of the worlds top r/c pilots, they created the software that is the backbone of this work of art. The 9303 2.4 is the same great radio, except with the new highly reliable spread spectrum technology. They even designed it so that if you did already own the 72mHz 9303 that you could easily transfer all your saved programming and settings to your new 9303 2.4! This version comes with the Transmitter and R921 DSM2 Receiver only, NO servos or receiver battery. Also, all Spektrum brand receivers are compatible! This is the Mode 2 Air version.

-> JR 9303 2.4GHZ -  OUT OF STOCK  $639.99 -
!!Free Shipping in the continental US!!

JR S400 Sport 4 Channel Airplane System - The JR S400 is your best bet for keeping things ultra simple and ultra affordable. Four channels of control with servo reversing and trainer cord capability make the S400 a perfect choice for entry-level and basic sport flying. This system includes 4 ST47 servos, 700mah NiCd receiver battery, RS600 6 Channel receiver, switch harness, servo mounting hardware and a charger for the transmitter and receiver batteries.

-> JR S400 System -  OUT OF STOCK  $119.99

JR SX600 Sport 6 Channel Computer Airplane System - With the unbeatable flexibility and precision only a digital computer radio can deliver, the SX600 boasts unheard-of-in-its-class memory to store setups for a fleet of ten models! Plus it offers exponential rate capability for supersmooth handling around neutral without sacrificing maximum servo travel whenever it’s needed. To keep things simple, its programmable features focus on the basics. And its easy-to-read screen—along with intuitive, dual rocker-switch inputs—will help you become a programming whiz in no time. This system includes 4 ST47 servos, 700mah NiCd receiver battery, RS600 6 Channel receiver, switch harness, servo mounting hardware and a charger for the transmitter and receiver batteries.

-> JR SX600 System -  OUT OF STOCK  $159.99

Hitec Optic6 - 6 Channel Computer Airplane System - Program up to 8 different planes. Use any FM receiver and set Spectra module to your specific channel, either positive (JR/Airtronics) or negative (Futaba) shift. In airplane/glider mode there are dual rates for ailerons, elevator and rudder and exponential for each, end point adjustment, neutral setting, servo reverse, throttle cut off, aileron differential, flaperon, camber (combined flaps and ailerons), elevon mixing, V-tail mixing, Crow airbrake, Ailevator function (dual elevators) and 2 programmable mixers. You can use 5 or 6 channel receivers and have separate aileron servos. In helicopter mode there are all of the standard end point, expo, dual rates, subtrim and servo reverse functions and advanced helicopter specific functions. Choose normal or 120 degree CCPM mixing, throttle curve, pitch curve, throttle hold, gyro settings, revolution mixing and programmable mixing. While hovering you can have both throttle adjustment and pitch adjustment controlled by the 2 side levers on the radio. Large LCD screen and intuitive programming make it easy to set up. Good instructions. Optic 6 is Q-PCM compatible and works with the Hitec QPCM receivers. Has trainer cord receptacle, nicads and charger for transmitter. This system includes the Optic 6 Transmitter, synthesized Spectra Module and charger only.

-> Hitec Optic 6 w/ Spectra Module -  OUT OF STOCK  $214.99
!!Free Shipping in the continental US!!

Futaba FASST 10C - 10 Channel 2.4ghz/72mHz Radio System - The long wait for the Futaba 10C is finally over! It is actually a 72mHz that comes with the 2.4Ghz module. So just in case you still want to keep some stuff on 72mHz, you can, but you don't have to worry about switching radios. Included with this radio is a R6014FS 14Ch Rx, a neckstrap, a 600mAh 4.8V NiCd Rx Battery, a 700mAh 9.6V NiCd Tx Battery, the wall charger that charges both batteries, a switch harness, and a 8" Servo Extension.

-> Futaba FASST 10C w/ R6014FS -  OUT OF STOCK  $599.97 -
!!Free Shipping in the continental US!!

Futaba FASST T7C - 7 Channel 2.4ghz Radio System - If you're a Futaba kind of person, but you've been wanting to switch over to spread spectrum technology, now is the time! Of course the 6EX 2.4 was already available, but the 7 channel T7C is awesome! It's actually just like the T7CAP 72MHz transmitter except with the security and reliability of 2.4 technology. Unlike other spectrum technologies, Futaba's FAAST system shifts frequencies every 2 milliseconds, which makes it virtually impossible to get interferences. Also with the dual antennas, it constantly figures out which antenna has the absolute best reception. This version of the T7C 7ch FAAST is the full setup. It comes with the transmitter, a R607FS Receiver, a NR-4J 600mAh 4.8V NiCd Receiver battery, and 4 S3004 Ball Bearing Servos. Of course you also get the transmitter battery with 120V Charger and a heavy duty switch w/ charge jack. For all you hardcore Futaba fans, this is the one!

-> Futaba FASST T7C w/ R607FS & 4 S3004s -  OUT OF STOCK  $349.99 -
!!Free Shipping in the continental US!!

Futaba FASST 6EX - 6 Channel 2.4ghz Computer Airplane System - Whether you pilot park flyers or large models with a full range of capabilities, you"ll greatly benefit from the new computerized Futaba 6EX — a system that brings the unmatched advantages of 2.4GHz FASST (Futaba Advanced Spread Spectrum Technology) to the finest 6-channel aircraft/helicopter radio available! This system includes the Futaba FASST 6EX Transmitter, FASST R606FS 6 Channel Receiver and switch harness only.

-> Futaba FASST 6EX and R606FS -  OUT OF STOCK  $242.89
!!Free Shipping in the continental US!!

Rich Model FT06-A - 6 Channel Economy Airplane System - This system has all of the standards that you would expect from a typical 6 channel radio. Features include reversing, v-tail, elevon, flaperon, basic heli mixing. This system includes the transmitter and receiver only.

-> Rich FT06-A and 6 Channel Receiver -  OUT OF STOCK  $60.00

Futaba TM-7 2.4ghz Module - With this FASST 2.4ghz module from Futaba, you can enjoy 2.4GHz benefits without buying a full 2.4GHz system – and features that only Futaba can offer. Fast, "made-for" fits and clean installations free of clumsy wires or cables. A sleek, efficient antenna that installs and works with designed-in ease and simplicity – and pivots to maximize your RF link. Push-button set-up for the fail-safe on the module and Easy Link on the receiver. This module is not compatible with the R606FS. Module fits 7U, 8U, 9C & 9Z systems.

-> Futaba TM-7 2.4g Module -  OUT OF STOCK  $159.99

Hitec Park Flyer Flight Pack - This incredible flight pack includes 3 HS-55 micro servos and the Micro 05s single conversion receiver. Crystals available seperately.

-> Hitec Park Flyer Flight Pack -  OUT OF STOCK  $71.99

Hitec Micro Heli Flight Pack - This Micro Heli flight pack includes 4 HS-56 micro servos and the Micro 05s single conversion receiver. Crystals available seperately.

-> Hitec Micro Heli Flight Pack -  OUT OF STOCK  $136.59

Trainer Cords - Using a "Buddy Box" system is the safest and most practical way to instruct student pilots. Use the cable to match your radio and link the student transmitter to the master transmitter. If your student get's in trouble, let go of the trainer switch on your transmitter and correct the situation. Pay's for itself on the first use!

-> Hitec/Futaba "6-pin round" to "6-Pin Round" -  OUT OF STOCK  $13.39
-> Futaba "Square" to "6-Pin Round" -  OUT OF STOCK  $14.99
-> Futaba "Square" to "Square" -  OUT OF STOCK  $14.99
-> JR / Spektrum "1/8" to "1/8" -  OUT OF STOCK  $12.99

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