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Sport & Pattern Airplanes

Everyday flyers, capable of aerobatics, for the novice and expert alike!

Electric Powered Sport, Aerobatic, and Pattern Aircraft

Mini Sport - This 10oz Parkflyer is a blast to build and even more fun to fly! Extremely docile, yet has a wide performance envelope! Check out the Mini Sport and more specs, video & pics, in our Mini Sport section by clicking HERE.

CB35 EP - An awesome kit from East R/C, loaded with value and fun! You can see all of the fantastic features (including a float option!) of the ERC CB35 in our ERC CB35 EP section by clicking HERE.

Apprentice 15e RTF - This RTF High-Wing is absolutely perfect for a beginner, but is also fun for anyone, no matter what experience level they're at. It may cost a bit more than other planes in it's class, but it's WELL worth it. You definitely get what you pay for here. It's made out of EPP foam, so it's virtually indestructible, it comes with all high-end electronics, and even a Spektrum 2.4Ghz transmitter! Everything you need, right in the box. Check it out in our Apprentice section by clicking HERE.

Glow/Gas Powered Sport, Aerobatic, and Pattern Aircraft

ERC Lucky 13 - ERC's Lucky 13! - Available exclusively from East R/C! This smooth and sleek aerobatic low-wing is designed by East R/C's very own Chris Hockaday! See it, with more specs & pics in our ERC LUCKY 13 section by clicking HERE.

Hangar 9 Toledo Special ARF - With classic lines and a modern feel, the Toledo Special is a homerun! Graceful, yet agile! See it, with more specs & pics in our H9 Saratoga section by clicking HERE.

Hangar 9 Saratoga 40 ARF - This smooth flying sport airplane is relaxing and edgy, all in one package! This .40-.50 size classic lined aircraft is sure to please pilots around the Globe! See it, with more specs & pics in our H9 Saratoga section by clicking HERE.

SIG Four Star 60 ARF - An excellent second airplane and all around wonderful flying airplane! See it, with more specs, video & pics in our Four Star 60 section by clicking HERE.

Outlaw ARF - That's right folks, you can finally get this insane aerobatic speed demon in ARF form! Check out a video of Team Outlaw in action, as well as a link to a triple build thread by Team Outlaw, lots of pics, and more in our Outlaw ARF section by clicking HERE.

Tango 40 ARF - This Hangar 9 ARF can be built in not time and is loads of fun. If you like the 'Modeltech Magic' or our Fong-3D...you'll love this one too. Is a great intermediate type plane but with it's light wing loading and oversized control surfaces, can also do any aerobatic maneuver you want it too. You can check it out in our Tango 40 ARF section by clicking HERE.

SIG Astro Hog - The Astro Hog is an oldie but a goodie! This classic kit is the same today as it was in 1957. It actually was the first low-wing R/C plane and was the pioneer of R/C aerobatics. Even though it can perform every trick in the book, it is a very stable slow flyer as well which makes it great for a trainer or an intermediate plane. Comprised of precision die-cut and sawn balsa and aircraft plywood. Check it out in our Astro Hog section by clicking HERE.

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